Keeping Your Business Safe & Secure

In this day and age, nothing is more important than safeguarding your assets. At home, people take precautions by installing alarm systems and getting their valuables insured. However, securing your business is just as important, as it makes sure that you are able to continue delivering value to your customers. When people see that you’ve spent the time and energy it takes to care for your products and employees, it assures them that you will work just as hard to take care of them.

Access Control

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of business security. One of the best safety investments you can make for your business is in the field of access control. With the right access control systems in place, you can safeguard your assets without infringing on the comfort and trust of your employees. Briefly, access control is a series of tools used to ensure that your employees stay in and out of authorized areas, that entrances and exits are being monitored, and that safety protocols such as fire or inclement weather systems are in place and accessible.

An access control system usually includes any number of important features. A key component is the monitoring and controlling of different access points within your business, such as inventory, executive offices, and high-security areas. Additionally, some access control systems have programs in place allowing you to monitor the activities of individual employees, which can be a more efficient way of handling potential issues as it cuts through any confusion or ambiguity. An access control system will also help you keep your business in compliance with all health and safety codes in your area.

Many programs out there will have a central hub, often accessible through one computer, that allows you to monitor comings and goings, as well as review backlogs of which employee visited where and when. In addition you can control electronic locks from this hub, shutting off certain areas and granting access to others, for example, in the event of an emergency.

Finally, you can set up instant alerts for certain events such as attempted entry or access violation, allowing you to address any possible situation with your employees before it turns into a bigger problem that affects business. This way you don’t have to bother with outdated security methods such as ID badges or mechanical locks that often create more problems than they solve. A streamlined access control system is important for the safety of your guests, your employees and your bottom line.


Another important piece of technology to consider implementing is the use of turnstiles. Turnstiles allow for one way traffic in a controlled setting, which is important in issues of fare or ticketing, as well as for security purposes. Turnstiles allow you to control exactly who enters your business and with what credentials (be it a fare, an ID, or a passcode.

Additionally, by controlling the flow of traffic, you have a better chance of detecting potential threats and incidents before they can even make it through the door. There are a number of different types of turnstiles available on the market, each with their own benefits and limitations. It’s important to choose your turnstile system based not only on your security needs but also on the needs of your key demographics.

Usually, when people think of turnstiles, they think of the traditional bar style. This turnstile features a metal tripod that revolves around the midsection of one person, without allowing room for another to sneak through. In order to activate the tripod, one usually has to insert some type of fare, or else scan a barcode (for example, from an ID badge). Bar turnstiles often come with a lock mechanism that prevents people from moving backward or holding the bars in place to accommodate additional entrants. “Turnstile jumping”, where an individual attempts to climb over the turnstile and bypass the security feature, is sometimes a problem but it can be addressed with pressurized anti-climb technology.

Another great model is the round turnstile. These types work like a miniaturized version of a revolving door, with three or more panes that come up to about mid-height on the average person. Round turnstiles allow for faster turnover and easier access as compared to bar type turnstiles, but their vertical profile can make it difficult for potential entrants with large bags or small children.

If you’re looking for the most inclusive type of turnstile, consider an easy gate model. As their name suggests, these turnstiles work like a gate, providing open access to entrants in a controlled setting. While other turnstiles rely on brawn to keep the peace, the easy gate turnstile is the brainiac of the group. The lack of dividing bars, as seen with the bar and round types, makes the easy gate turnstile an ideal choice for individuals traveling with strollers or small children as well as individuals in wheelchairs or those with other mobility impairments.

The tech aspect of the easy gate turnstile makes it one of the most versatile and easily customizable models on the market today. As previously stated, it is simple to modify this turnstile to be wheelchair friendly without sacrificing security. Other features can be integrated, such as a streamlined card reader or a roof.

It is important not to underestimate the magnitude of a well-integrated access control system in terms of your business’ overall success. Think of it like a ship; when everyone is where they are supposed to be, things run smoothly. But how do you keep the sailors in line – with a strong captain at the helm. Unfortunately, the captain is least effective when he is chasing after the sailors to keep to their oars or else scurrying from end to end putting out fires. An access control system allows you to be a true leader by allowing you to work more efficiently to curb internal incidents and keep your ship sailing strong.

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