How Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help Victims Of Injuries At Work Claim Compensation

If you’ve sustained an injury at work and you weren’t the cause of the injury, then there’s a very good chance that you qualify for compensation. It doesn’t matter if the injury was caused by your employer or another employee – The fact is that if you were injured on the job, chances are you can get work claim compensation. How does this work?

It Begins With the Accident Itself

The process of getting your work claim compensation begins immediately after the accident takes place. Right after the accident, you should begin collecting evidence at the scene.

Take a picture of the cause of the accident. For example, if it was a forklift that was operated incorrectly, take a picture of the controls and the location of the accident. If it was from an object that dropped on you, take a photo of the object, where it landed and where it fell from. Take a picture of the injury itself. The fresher the picture, the better. Try not to wait until you go to the hospital to take a picture. If you have a smartphone camera on you, use that to take the picture immediately.

Then file a report with your employer about what happened at the accident. Legally, your employer has to file this report. This helps make the accident official and can be used as evidence. Finally, note down who saw the accident and make sure they know they’re witnesses.

What Can Compensation Include?

Compensation often involves several parts in work claim cases. The most significant part of your compensation usually comes from physical damage. For instance, if your leg was damage because of the accident, you’ll likely receive a check that represents compensation for the physiological impact itself. Beyond that, you’re also eligible to be repaid for any medical costs and any rehabilitation costs. Getting prosthetics or crutches should all be covered by your compensation.

You should also be covered for loss of income due to the accident. For instance, if you’re unable to work for 6 months, the income you would have earned during those six months will be included in your compensation.

 What Can an Injury Solicitor Do?

First, good and knowledgeable personal injury solicitors should be able to walk you through your case and give you a good overview of the pros and the cons of everything. They should be able to walk you through the chances of winning your case as well as how much you can reasonably expect to win.

Your solicitor should be able to answer all your questions related to your case and your rights in regards to the accident. They’ll be able to shed light on who was at fault (legally) for the accident. They’ll be able to explain how long you can expect to be in litigation and show you how the whole process works.

Your solicitor will also help negotiate potential settlements with your employer’s solicitor. Most likely a number will be reached between the two parties without going to court.

When Should You Contact Your Solicitor?

You should contact a solicitor as quickly as possible after an accident. Once you have an injury on site, a clock begins to tick. Your wounds begin to heal, people start to forget what they saw, and your employer is already getting legal advice. Your case is strongest the moment the injury happens. The longer you wait to talk to someone, the worse your chances get. So the right time to contact a solicitor is immediate. Don’t wait to talk to your union, don’t wait to talk to your wife and don’t wait to talk to your co-workers. The clock is ticking.

Work With a “Pay if You Win” Solicitor

The last thing you want is for your injury to cost you even more money. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds an hour to pay for a solicitor to win you the money you rightly deserve.

Instead, the best way to go with these kinds of injury at work compensation claims is to work with a solicitor who only gets paid if they win your case. Not only does that remove any risk you have of paying solicitors without getting results, but you also get to work with personal injury solicitors who’re highly motivated, since they have to win in order to get paid.

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