weird business ideas that actually made money

8 Weird Business Ideas That Actually Made Money

Simple business ideas will always make a lot of money as long as there’s a market for them. And as stupid as some business ideas are, you are bound to have a lucrative business as long as you really know what you are looking for. It’s definitely not simple to create some good business ideas, so it’s even more interesting to see that a crazy or downright stupid business idea might work very well too.

Here’s a List of 8 Weird Business Ideas That Actually Made Money

1: The iFart App

This is a classic business plan in its own right. Basically, this is a fart generating app and it doesn’t have any real value. That doesn’t mean it a bad idea in any way. It’s funny, and that’s the reason why a lot of people downloaded it in the first place. They did an extraordinary job with this one, especially when it comes to the return on investment and the value as a whole. Should it be better? Of course, but even so you can make millions with stupid ideas like this one. Download the app here and see it for yourself!

2: Pet Rock

The 70s had some crazy stuff happening. The pet rock is maybe the craziest business idea out of all out there. It was quite unique in its own right. The focus was on selling a rock that you need to keep as a pet. But since it’s a rock that you can get from anywhere, it’s the genius behind this idea that will impress you. A pet rock isn’t something hard to get, but the fact that they sold it and made a fortune is what makes such a weird business idea worth a lot of money. And it’s quite magnificent to say the least.

3: The Million-Dollar Homepage

It was a crazy thing that a single pixel on the site was worth a dollar, or so, and you could pay for pixels in your ad. The business idea took off to the point where the person owning that site made a ton of money (in millions) without having to work a lot on the idea as a whole. It’s crazy that it worked, but then again people are going to buy anything, so it’s expected if anything.

4: Holy Ink

This business idea may sound stupid, but itholy  sold so well that a lot of people tried to replicate it. The business went to around $2.5 million in value, just because they went with the idea of ink replaced by a priest. It’s definitely something unique, but not really offering any value. So, it’s quite interesting and impressive to see this kind of stuff and the way it changes the entire experience quite a bit.

5: The Bed Bug Barrier

Since a lot of people visit hotels, it’s a lot more challenging for them to stay away from bed bugs. This is why it makes a lot of sense to create such a business and just earn a ton of money from it. The idea here was to create a barrier that goes underneath the bed legs. Again, a crazy idea but it did make a ton of money.

6: Rent a Chicken

A lot of people want to get into urban farming, but they lack the animals needed to do so. And now you can rent a chicken from businesses online if you want to. Yes, it really is a weird thing to have and it does go to show that you can do just about anything and wait for a sale. And this business idea actually sells, which makes having a chicken and selling stuff like this online even crazier than expected.

7: Hangover Helpers

This business idea basically allows you to hire people that give you some food and a helping hand to deal with your tasks. It’s a good way for some people to earn money, and if you have a hangover it’s a lot easier to handle your daily tasks. So, while it does sound quite crazy, it comes with a valid point and a good way of dealing with issues.

8: The Smashing Place

A business in Tokyo allows people to come there and smash stuff against the wall, concrete, etc. This is a good way to relieve pressure, and it does tend to work extremely well due to that. It’s not ideal, sure, but it does bring in front some impressive results and benefits if you remove such an issue.

One thing is certain, business ideas will work as long as they’re crazy and people are willing to check them out. Sure, there will always be weird ideas, but adding them on like this is the most impressive thing there is. That’s why a lot of weird ideas like these work, because they are interesting, creative and also very fun. People sometimes don’t want something serious, and they are willing to pay for a fun idea. Whether you make them come back and buy more, that’s an entirely different thing!

Now that you know that the weirdest business ideas can actually earn you some money, also read this article and see how you can keep your crazy business safe.

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